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Online/downloadable books drawn from the bitterlemons web publications

The Bitterlemons Guide to the Arab Peace Initiative

The Bitterlemons Guide to the Arab Peace Initiative is a comprehensive examination of the peace proposal made by the Arab League in March 2002. In this compilation of 65 short essays, leading thinkers and politicians in the Arab world, Israel and beyond examine the text line-by-line for meanings and possibilities and explore the initiative’s strengths, weaknesses and broad ramifications.

The Best of Bitterlemons

The Best of Bitterlemons: Five years of writings from Israel and Palestine is a compilation book of the most prescient and important articles published through the bitterlemons family of publications. Creators and editors Yossi Alpher and Ghassan Khatib introduce this volume of 83 short essays and interviews touching on the most fundamental issues of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Contributors include former prime ministers, negotiators, military leaders and journalists, hailing largely from Israel and Palestine.

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