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Text of Hamas and Islamic Jihad
Declaration of Ceasefire Initiative
Source: BBC

June 29, 2003

Out of our interest to preserve Palestinian unity at this critical stage our cause and nation are going through;

To maintain our national unity that was achieved through the intifada and resistance and was deepened by the blood of martyrs;

To contribute to the endorsement of Palestinian national dialogue that calls for not giving up and preserving our people's rights; to protect our domestic front against division and confrontation;

To prevent the enemy from creating pretexts to ignite division; to affirm our people's legitimate right to resist the occupation as a strategic choice until the Zionist occupation of our land ends and until all our national rights are regained;

To respond to the efforts of many of those keen to preserve Palestinian national unity in the Arab and Palestinian arena, we--the undersigned Palestinian resistance factions--announce the following initiative:

First: Suspending military operations against the Zionist enemy for three months. This suspension goes into effect as of today [29 June] in line with the following conditions:

1. The immediate halt of all forms of Zionist aggression against our Palestinian people to include incursions, destruction, closures, siege on the cities, villages and camps; as well as the siege imposed on President Yasser Arafat; the demolition of houses; the bulldozing of agricultural land; encroachment on lands, property, and the Islamic and Christian holy places, particularly the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In case the enemy does not meet these conditions and obligations, or violates any of them, then we will no longer be committed to this initiative

This should also include the immediate halt of all assassinations of individuals; massacres; all forms of detention; and deportation of the sons of our people, their leadership, cadres, and mujahideen.

2. The release of all Palestinian and Arab prisoners and detainees from the occupation prisons without any condition or restriction, and returning them to their homes, beginning with those who have served long terms in prison, those who were sentenced to long imprisonment terms, women, children, the sick and the elderly.

Second: In case the enemy does not meet these conditions and obligations, or violates any of them, then we will no longer be committed to this initiative, and we will hold the enemy responsible for the consequences.

"Should they intend to deceive thee,--verily God Sufficeth thee: He is that hath strengthened thee with his aid with (the company of) the believers"; [Koranic verse]

God is Great, and victory is the lot of our people and nation.

[Signed] The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas; The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine

[Dated] Sunday, 29 Rabi Thani 1424 Hegira, corresponding to 29 Jun 2003

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